We know our business, but our interactive presence is not where we’d like it to be. We have a website, but it is not as effective as we had hoped for. What can WorldZOO do for us?

Once you call or email us your project details, we will carefully look everything over and send you a detailed written proposal to answer all of your questions. Obviously our goal is to vastly improve your Web presence and have it serving your interests again 24/7. Your Website shouldn't be a pain or a chore. We beieve it should be a very positive asset in your organization, working around the clock to enhance your image and offerings to your audience. We can take care of this for you every step of the way and provide state-of-the-art suppot ongoing.

How do we have the best possible Website without overspending? Can you help us budget it and determine where we should be?

Yes. We can help you determine the appropriate budget for your project. We are routinly hired to create and help write proposals for our clients. This means that you can rely on us to tell you exactly what things cost and how long they will take to complete. Our proposals are not loaded with marketing jargon, but with useful information. Whether you select us is up to you, but you will find immense value in reading our proposal and ideas.

What type of CMS is best for me? Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.? Do you offer a way I can make changes to my own site?

It depends on your internal company rules. If you must host it yourself in-house and you have sufficient in-house staff then we recommend Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. But if you are a small business client we highly recommend fully supported and hosted CMS. We can demo you on the differences and benefits of each system and you can see for yourself what is best. The cost for a CMS for your entire organization allowing you to make changes yourselves for free for life is around $44 per month. This includes Web hosting, software license, support, data backups, security and email service.

Can we hire WorldZOO to create heavy duty shopping carts, complex databases, applications and serious programming projects?

Yes! We thrive on programming, engineering and development projects. Our engineers are all guru level programmers and developers who have worked at the highlest levels before we hand selected them as team members. We have completed dozens of massive 1-3 year long projects, worked alongside with Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. Rest assured we are more than qualified to create complex databases, apps, SaaS, shopping cart, and back-end systems for your organization.

Our Website is expensive to maintain and inflexible. Can we make changes ourselves using your systems?

Yes! All of our clients make changes to their own sites for free anytime they want. Often we can take your existing site and simply place a backend system to enable you to make changes to it yourselves ongoing for free. If you feel you need a redesign or a refresh, that is fine too. We can help you. We install both open source CMS on your own hosting servers or hosted CMS with round the clock support. The systems are extremely easy to use.

We are not comfortable with the back-end system and we don’t have the control we want. Can you help us gain control over our existing system or recommend what we should do?

Absolutely! We understand how frustrating it can be to have your old Web guys or your outdated systems make your life difficult. After a quick chat we will share with you exactly what can be done free of charge.

What about mobile phones and digital pads? Our current site looks terrible on pads and phones. Can you help us convert our existing site to these devices?

Yes! Having a proper responsive Website that is smartphone and digital pad ready is an absolute MUST. Check for yourself, but statistics show more of your users will view your site with their phones and digital pads than with their desktop or laptop. We can help you create a mobile responsive site very easily leveraging your current site and content. There is hardly anything for you to do and we take care of everything.

Do you do logos and graphic design?

Yes! For the first 5 years we were stricly a Website design and engineering firm. But for the past 14 years we have also excelled at anything having to do with graphic design, logos, brochures, collateral, book covers, anything graphic or print you can image.

What are your consulting, content writing and marketing ideas? I need more than a Website, I need strategy and messaging help.

When you hire WorldZOO you are working with high level consultants. What seperates our offering from other firms and generic template providers is that every recommendation we make is based in science and market research. Imagine what thousands of custom projects and 19 years of experience can do for your bottom line. What is your peace of mind and overall success worth? Your product will be hands-down better than your competitors not just from a design/technology point of view, but because of our ideas, messaging and relationships with search engines.