How We Do Strategy, Usability & Messaging

A powerful corporate messaging strategy is vital to the future of your organization. WorldZOO orchestrates strategies that are bring unity and integration within your Websites, apps, print collateral, tradeshow material, PowerPoints, e-learning and videos. We ask the important questions to better understand how we can reach your target audience with effective content creation, presentation and search engine marketing. services.

We commence by gathering feedback from your team, Website visitors and our experienced focus groups to understand what works and what does not. We then research and study your audiences to gather an insightful understanding of how best to tailor the user experience. We want your strategy to have a unified focus to capture your audiences’ attention and hold it for the long term.

Then we bring in our team of knowledgeable experts: Website strategist, Usability experts, Search Engine Optimization experts, Social Messaging Strategy, Information Architects, Designers, Programmers experts, and more to appropriately create the right solution tailor made for your organization regardless of how small or large.

We specify deliverables, we identify opportunities within the marketplace and help you to develop and execute a web strategy to successfully navigate these opportunities. We provide you with specific goals, specific solutions and a specific timeline

Strategy & User Interface Design for Web & Apps

Whether you are interested in creating a brand new Website, or redoing your existing Website, adding a mobile version of your Website, building a blackberry/windows/android/iphone application and so many other Web related offerings, we work with you to answer the important questions before we start any project. We will help your organization refine its Web strategy and offer invaluable insight into the best plan of action and phased development of your ideas.

WorldZOO's strategy development, Web consulting services, usability analysis & Website testing.

Why is usability testing invaluable to you

  • What is usablity testing - A way of testing your design out with real users, long before you build it (using early prototypes). With user testing you get to see what works and what doesn't, and what your customers think of it, without the expense of building the product first.
  • Why you need it - Without either usability evaluation or usability testing, you may be building a product that contains major usability flaws - and the cost of correcting these later can be astronomical.
  • What we do - We ask your users to work with your product as if they were using it in the real world. In a controlled lab environment we can analyze their behavior within the interface, providing much more accurate results than market research - what they tell you is not always what they do. We then analyze the video, audio and logged comments and produce an in-depth report of findings, which we present back to you.
WorldZOO refined our business model, created logos, a demo Website, PowerPoints & two explainer videos which helped us raise $15 million in capital! CFO / Mobile Media Firm.

WorldZOO engineers and programmers are experts at complex Web programming and Web-based software development.

Our usability design and Website testing philosophy

The Website needs to be usable by its audience, be technically feasible for its engineers, and cost-effective for its owner. Making intelligent compromises and choices about the direction of your Website requires as much knowledge about the needs and attitudes of the customer and user as it does about your organization's needs. People can react negatively to offerings that don't satisfy their sense of visual quality, ease of use, and ease of learning. Our Usability services provide you with the insights needed to make your offering not only great on the screen, but also a realistic success in the real world.

Four primary forms of usability testing

  • Topic testing - This is the most common form of testing, where we are looking for the usability flaws in the design. Our teams have created thousands of Websites for over 10 years.
  • Goal testing - The objectives of your organization and of the users are identified and then measured during testing to see how well they are achieved.
  • Revenue testing - For e-commerce sites, we know how much customers intend to spend and measure how much they actually do. What promotes them to buy and what are the best strategies. As all other factors are removed, any shortfall is down to usability issues. We can determine how much your shop is losing every day due to poor usability and how to turn it around.
  • Value testing - Current product/site users are tested first to see where they find the real benefits and values. Then new users are tested, to see how well those benefits and values are communicated within the site.

During initial stages

  • Business requirements - it is crucial that the objectives and requirements for a project are understood and correctly set at the start of a project.
  • Task analysis - find out what your users want from your product, how they expect it to work, and how they expect to interact with it - before the product is even built.
  • User profiling - identify your customers, who they are, what their concerns, fears and goals are.

During design

  • Prototyping - at the earliest stages of design we can help to produce prototypes of the design ready for testing, before programming starts. We will correct any usability issues before development starts in order to save resources and money later.
  • Usability testing - there is no substitute for seeing your customers actually using your design, and finding out where the design needs to be improved. We also offer a free sample usability test of your own site, so you can see just how useful testing can be.
  • Usability evaluations - fast and cost-effective, usability evaluations provide instant feedback on the health of a product and how the usability of it can be improved.
  • User-centered design / Interactive design - We can assist with anything from a full user-centered design process down to smaller page-by-page or feature analysis to see what is working and what is not.

After launch

  • Metrics/analytics - usability needs to be measured and improved, and it needs to deliver measurable benefits. We can help you continue to monitor usability as often as is needed.
  • Training - transfer of knowledge to your teams is a key element of our approach, to allow your teams to become more self-sufficient. Whether you want general usability training or specific advice on how to run usability research in-house, we have a number of training packages available and can tailor them to your needs.