Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Online Marketing, Pay per Click (PPC)

Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), Keywording, SEO Website Analysis. Before your SEO project we include upfront strategy before any work commences. SEO strategy is one of the major keys to success and we talk to you to make sure we understand your needs.

We offer world-class SEO, pay-per-click and site analysis services.

Having a presence on the web is not enough. Your customers and potential visitors have to be able to find you online. We design your website with usability in mind, and even offer custom search engine optimization services for our clients who want to increase their position in the search engine rankings.

WorldZOO specializes in increasing traffic to your website by improving your position in the search engine rankings without using doorway pages, cloaking or other spamming techniques. Our search engine rankings specialists work diligently with you to determine your company's marketing needs. We work with you to make your site content relevant, fresh, and search engine friendly - increasing your search engine rankings. This proves to be the most time proven way to ensure that your site stays in the top of the search engine rankings for the long-term.

Natural and organic Search Engine Marketing and Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Step 1 - Keyword Analysis

  • Identify the proper keywords to target ensuring that the most qualified users will find the specific pages within your site.
  • Analyze your Website log files and using web analytics technology to identify the most effective keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Step 2 - Competitive Analysis

  • Prepare a comprehensive competitive analysis showing exactly where you stand relative to your competitors for these keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Step 3 - Content Enhancement

  • We will make recommendations to manipulate the current placement of existing content, add new content, or even remove existing content in certain circumstances.
  • Appropriate keywords are placed within your site in an appropriate manner in a search engine friendly format.
  • We can work with your team so that future content will remain in line with your freshly optimized content.

Search Engine Optimization Step 4 - Code Enhancement

  • Search engine today still cannot effectively read and understand advanced technologies like flash, Java script, DHTML, database-driven sites and various framing technologies.
  • We will enhance your Website's code with the right tags for search engines. These tags include Title, H1, and Meta tags.

Search Engine Optimization Step 5 - Submitting to Search Engines

  • Each of the newly optimized pages will be appropriately submitted to the search engines based on each search engine's guidelines.
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We also offer partnered advanced search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and ad buying services. Pay Per Click Paid Inclusion Management (PPC)

  • Pay Per Click Bid Management programs.
  • Keyword analysis, bid gap detection and manipulation, and return on investment (ROI) tracking.
  • Real-time and historical data analysis to make adjustments to bid prices to maximize the reach for each keyword.
  • Direct data feeds to the leading search engines.

Best Industry Search Engine Optimization Strategies and SEO Consulting Services

  • A website analysis, to evaluate the site content, layout, linking structure and to begin keyword selection and research.
  • A competitive research stage, to evaluate what competitive sites enjoy high rankings on the top three search engines, and to focus on 3 of those top competitors.
  • Finalization of keyword selection.
  • A website analysis, to evaluate the site content, layout, linking structure and to begin keyword selection and research.
  • A competitive research stage, to evaluate what competitive sites enjoy high rankings on the top three search engines, and to focus on 3 of those top competitors.
  • Finalization of keyword selection.

A benchmark positioning report that demonstrates current position and how many pages are listed in each search engine.

  • Is this engagement intended to increase sales on a commerce sites?
  • Inform consumers about products and/or events?
  • Does it know its target audience.

Phase 2: SEO methodology

  • How are pages optimized?
  • Including the standard on-page factors like TITLE, META, ALT, H1, bolding, etc.
  • Internal linking structure should be revealed and discussed.
  • How are code changes applied and managed?
  • Outline of how code changes will be implemented and tracked (versioning systems are normally implemented for larger systems)
  • How do programmers apply the changes

Quality Assurances

  • Project plan should include not only the implementation schedule, but reviews of text, tags and any custom programming
  • Spell checking
  • Large sites with content driven from a database infrastructure, e-commerce systems and similar - should have line items for how to address. This includes URL-rewriting, site moves, domain management and more
  • Submission to search engines
  • How are they handled (manual or auto-pilot?)
  • Results Tracking
  • Reporting on progress and stats are an important item to any SEO project
  • Metrics from ranking in the top 10, to shopping cart conversions, traffic volumes and increases and type of reports (online, excel, customer viewers)

Phase 3: Consulting services for achieving high rankings:

Keyword research and analysis for a maximum of (n) keywords or phrases. Competitive analysis for main keywords/keyphrases. Analysis of site architecture and linking structure. Analysis of HTML and page design structure. Recommendations for 1.1 through 1.4, above, as well as for necessary modifications to essential page text elements for achieving satisfactory search engine placement. Recommendations for improvement of page titles and meta tags for site pages. Hand submission of web site to major search engines. Analysis and recommendations for external links to site.

Search Engine Friendly Content

The web page can offer far more SE optimized content specifically related to its category. Spider–Food (SE-friendly content writing); Extensive keyword-rich content will need to be added to individual pages to improve rankings. Search Engine friendly, keyword rich content in line with Meta tags to be implemented as appropriate on the site to achieve high traffic and rankings. Text has to be added on the home page as well as inner pages.

Keywords Analysis

Our recommendation is use of two or three-word phrases instead of single words, pair general keyword with more specific ones. We also recommend the use of combination keywords that are distantly related, common misspelled related terms, service region specific keywords and long variation of keywords.

Site Meta Tags and Title Tags

Create page-wise Meta tags with a view to re-writing page-wise content to incorporate these - without allowing the body text to lose ‘marketing appeal’. Right now all of your product pages have no proper Title tag. They mainly all have 1 title (Floral Supply Syndicate - Floral Gift Basket and Decorative Packaging Specialists) which is a really bad idea and docked by search engines. Each page should have a unique title tag that describes the product name and incorporates the top keywords and even catalog number.

Title tag

We include the most relevant and specific keywords or key phrases in the title tag that best describe the contents of the page. Even though the Title tag is not a Meta tag, it plays a vital role in your site's rankings. A title tags are the words or phrases that appear in the title of your page in the hyperlink listings on the search engine results.

Meta description tag

We ensure that the Meta description tag is brief, includes some of your top site related keywords, and gives a short and concise summary of the content on your web page. The description appears in the SEs just below the title tag. The words used must inspire the visitor to further pursue your site.

Meta keywords tag

Although not as relevant as the other tags mentioned above, the Meta keywords tag is still recognized by some SEs. We include a number of Meta keywords for you that are relevant to the content of your web pages.

WorldZOO can help your Website grow by leaps and bounds with proven search engine optimization techniques. f you'd like to know more about our search engine optimization strategies, or find out how they could help your business grow traffic and business, than call us to set up a consultation today.